TITAN (Skin Tightening) Back

The CUTERA® Titan laser facelift technology produces a deep dermal heating in your skin while keeping the top, epidermal layer cold and safe. This light source stimulates collagen formation and tightens facial laxity. Your face, submental region, neck, and belly will all have firmer, tighter skin because of this non-invasive, anesthetic-free process. The Titan anti-aging device tightens the skin and promotes collagen development by using a special light source to produce a thermal profile in the dermis. The face, submental region, neck, and belly are the areas where it is most often used since it is the first specialised infrared light source for prolonged deep dermal heating. All skin types, especially tanned ones, can use it.

Using an infrared light to heat the dermis beneath the skin's surface, CUTERA® Titan tightens the skin. The CUTERA® Titan's distinctive broadband spectrum of 1100nm to 1800nm enables it to uniformly heat the dermis and generate volumetric heating, which causes the collagen under your skin to contract and thicken and causes micro-injuries that prompt the dermis to heal itself with new collagen. When these benefits are combined, your skin becomes tighter, giving you a genuine, visibly younger look.

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