Secret RF, a novel microneedling procedure, is proudly offered by PLC Laser Clinic. It significantly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and scars while requiring little to no downtime. Secret RF delivers fractional Radio Frequency (RF) radiation through microneedles into different layers of the skin, including the deeper layers where therapy is most effective. We can attain the best results on all types of skin thanks to this energy delivery.

Using Hidden RF is a short, 20-minute treatment session that is simple, safe, and efficient. Three to four Hidden RF sessions are advised for the best results. After your second treatment, you'll start to see effects, but it takes three months for the best ones to show. To get the best benefits, patients often require 3–4 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Most patients claim to feel better after the second treatment, although outcomes are best three months after the final treatment.

Stretch Marks & Acne

Stretch marks are striations or strips of skin that differ in colour from the skin around them. Due to heredity, these obstinate lines can be extremely difficult to eliminate and perhaps impossible to prevent. Yet, because microneedling accelerates the healing process, it may be possible to lessen their visibility. Our natural defence response is typically triggered when germs grow in acne. Unfortunately, the antibodies may also induce inflammation and dermal damage in the process of eliminating the acne-causing bacteria. A crater or depression is seen when the supporting dermis is harmed. The majority of acne scars form in this way. Thankfully, acne scars can become a thing of the past thanks to microneedling.

Here is how it works: as soon as the tiny needles are implanted, your nerve sensors will respond, alerting you to the harm. Your skin will spontaneously mend itself as a result, growing new tissue. Smoother skin and the progressive disappearance of stretch marks and/or acne scars are the results of the collagen and elastin that is created consequently.


Typical telltale indicators of ageing are wrinkles and fine lines that appear around the lips or eyes. The connective fibres of the skin deteriorate due to normal ageing. The skin naturally has a lot of collagen, hydration, and fat while we are young, which helps to accentuate our features and maintain our skin firm and smooth. As we age, our skin gradually gets thinner and harsher. It loses strength and flexibility when the sustaining connective tissue that it formerly possessed is removed. Due to gravity and the loss of underlying structure, it subsequently starts to droop and wrinkle prematurely. Wrinkles will develop in the upper layers of skin because of frequent movement of the underlying muscles and the impact of gravity.

The skin will undoubtedly lose its elasticity and become more delicate as you age. The skin dries out and we are less able to keep the moisture in our skin due to decreased production of natural oils. Fine lines, creases, and wrinkles may appear on the skin because of this.

Fortunately, a non-invasive procedure known as micr needling can effectively treat wrinkles and reverse the effects of ageing while also preventing future wrinkles. The tiny micro wounds created by micro needling stimulate the healing process, which increases the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for producing thick, plump, and smooth skin. PLC Laser Clinic in Brampton promises true and effective wrinkle reduction.

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