Nano/Ombre Brows Back

A single, flexible, ultra-thin nano needle is used in the cosmetic tattooing technique known as "nano brows" to produce strokes that are almost identical to your natural hairs. To fill in any bald spots in your eyebrow hairs, artists utilise a nanoneedle equipment that functions similarly to a tattoo gun and injects colour into the epidermis (the top layer of skin). Many people opt to have this surgery done as an immediate fix for thicker brows and to stop hair loss brought on by ageing or a medical issue. Because the ink's natural stroke- like look makes it very impossible to tell apart from your actual hair follicles, the finished product is sometimes referred to as nano brows.

It's common to think of nano brows as a more sophisticated kind of microblading. These procedures should be viewed as sisters, not twins, like your brows, and their different distinctions should be considered before scheduling a consultation. Whether nano brows are the correct choice for you, it will depend on a variety of factors, including your skin type, your availability for touch-up sessions, and your desired aesthetic.

At PLC Laser Clinic in Brampton, we make sure that every nano brow is entirely unique to the face features and preferences of every customer. "The first half of the session usually comprises of the initial consultation and brow design process, which takes around two to three hours total. We will discuss the client's ideal brow form, size, and pigment hues that go well with their complexion during this session. To establish whether further technical expertise is needed, the skin type of the customer is also evaluated (thicker, oilier skin is more difficult to tattoo). The artist then uses a pencil with a sharp, flat edge to pre-draw each brow hair. The customer is then presented with the finished design for final approval.

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